Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So whazza new wit meh? Winter break, dolls, laptop, waiiit, I already mentioned that....

Ok so other than the little homework we have right now, winter break is OOOOOOOOOONN! Alright, now to finally get to Christmas prep, as in, late Christmas present prep etc. etc. etc. etc. Who knew that taking breaks for the holidays could get so stressful? I honestly don't know how Mom does it....

So moving on, I have a new interest. Doll collecting. Not just any doll. Fashion dolls. No Lie. Not kiddin'. Nuh-uh. Hey, I think they're awesome! And they're very good for cartoon drawing too.... I have 6 dolls so far of variety brands, but my first was a Sleeping Beauty Barbie from 1993 or so. Right now it's extremely rare and worth $120bucks. You won't believe how I got it. From Emma's (my friend's) closet. Don't ask me why I was in there, (Claire told me to????????????????) and there, hidden under a heavy pile of old clothes and storage, on the very top of the shelf, I saw a pink box. Grabbing it out of curiousity (poor Emma had a snoop amongst her) I screamed and pretty much asked for it. She didn't even realize really that it was in there, so she was like, yeah sure, and it was miiiiiine, alllll miiiiiiiiine! I dislike Barbies, but I was happy cuz Emma practically gave me $120. Thanks Emma! :)

It was a good start to a beautiful collection.


So what are you doing for the holidays? Let me know in the comment box below. And hey, anyone can comment. Even you people who own no blogger. Your comment will be anonymous, and whoever you are, make it no farther than G rated, please. I hate crud comments.



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well, that's just great...

Soooo you've seen my earlier post saying that I got Blogger on my iPod. Theeeen you've probably wondered why the heck I haven't been posting anything since then. First off, the program was a fluke. Worked once and that was it. So I shut the iPod blog idea down and finally I have some time to the computer to give an update that's been waited for.

I am getting my own laptop!!

That's right, I am finally getting that Dell Inspiron that I've wanted for like, FOREVER. It'll be so great and I'll be able to blog more and write more for my upcoming novel, The Uniform Extinction.

For about a year or so I've had this SUPERB idea for a book that I've been too lazy to write down, then finally NaNoWrimo was coming up and I actually had a chance (and the motivation) to write! Buuuuuuut sadly due to a very crazy month and difficulty getting access to a computer, I had a very late start and I wasn't able to complete (or even write a third chapter) to my story. Hopefully though with my computer I'll take my time to write instead of rushing into it. I want my story to turn out the best way it can be told, so therefore there is no need to cram it all in one month for me.

Mebbe I could do that with romance/reality novel, but a complicated sci-fi/thriller book? Noooooooot so much.

Peace out!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

No way, Blogger on my iPod touch??

Wow!!! I get to blog off my iPod touch!!!! That is awesomesauce news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, here's the latest scoop from me, I started my homeschooler co-op school Tuesday and it's already going so well! My old friends from last year are still here and this semester there are a lot more high school girls!!!!!! WOOHOO! I am taking three classes there, Algebra, Chemistry, and Speech. I am especially excited about how my Speech class is going to help me be a better speaker, it's even cooler cuz it's more like a Toast Masters Club than a Speech class. :D

So I was going nuts with voice acting videos yesterday. On my iPod I was able to make a playlist full of random videos with cartoons clips of characters I am trying to imitate, actual voice actors in the studio, radio show hosts, and spoken tips and tricks. Currently I am focusing on accomplishing the voice of Bubbles from PowerPuff Girls! XD

Alright for you "OTAKU" people out there reading my blog, coulja please suggest a good anime to me? I HAVE RUN OUT OF IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace out!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Short discription of Kansas City Trip

Kawichiwa to you all!!!!!!!!!!!

(I highly doubt that was spelled correctly)

Quick note to you grammar freaks, this keyboard that Im typing on realy stinks, so there may be a lot of misspelllings on this post!

Anyways I havenbt updated my blog in a while! Lemme give you guys a quick heads-up about what I've been doing:

Just last Wednesday the Persist group and I have taken a trip up toi KJansas City, Misouri to visit the IHOP communtiy! We got to see how all their pancakes and sausage links were made and we got to see all the machinery to that plops the batter and grease on the... No, wait, I lied. We did NOT visit the International House of Pancakes HQ or anything of that sort. The IHOP we went to stands for, International House Of Prayer!

It tok 13 hours to get from Austin to Kansas City, and we left from here at 7:15 in the morning. THe trip didnt seem that long, but I'll tell ya, my rump and back wil never be the same everf again... We had fun though singing songs, listening to music, playing games, and a whole lot of sleeping, and just being together as friends.

So anyways when we arrive at our final destination in our rented house (finally) we chill and sleep until the next day when the actual fun began! PRAYER MEETING!!! The building was so cool, there were tons of different kinds of people there just taking some time to honor God. But the even cooler thing about was that there are always different bands and worship teams leading worship there 24/7..... The songs never stop! :)

In the evenings? It gets even better.

We went to this thing called Awakening services that took place in a separate IHOP building. It was a HUGE service of singing, dancing, aand gettting crazy with the holy spirit. I mean, the holy spirit was really moving in that place, people were collapsing down to the ground, screaming out loud, shaking themselves like crazy, even dancing like they were really drunk. There was a strong sense of freedom there and you could just whatever you wanted to have fun with God.

So we did the same things the bnext day and then the day after we went back home. (This time it was a 12 hour drive instead of 14!!! YAY!)

Bye bye! Iu need to grt back to my Persist group now!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010




That's all I have to say today.

Oh yeah i had like a ton of energy yesterday and I was going pretty hyper during the day... And it wasn't cuz of the mocha I had in the morning, it lasted all day. Know why? Cuz I asked God an abundance of energy, cuz the day before I was totally dozing off and was super tired all day. So then I wake up at 5:30 and I am crazy energetic all day even though I didn't get much sleep that night and I woke up super early (I HATE waking up early, surprise, surprise!). I enjoyed the energy very much, but it was starting to annoy Persist-ers and my parents....


So yeah I asked God for more of His caffeine today, only I'd prolly like a lighter dose this time so that I'm not annoying ppl.

(\/)oYo(\/) Look at this lobster!

Fact: The name Bethany is number 318 on America's most popular girl's names.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goooooooood Morning!!!!!

Listening to some good music early in the mornin'. :) Experts say (well, I do at least) that music instead of caffiene or soda in the morning gives you a boost. Erm, just don't listen to anything soft, then you'll be fine.

Well, today imma startin' with the random fact of the day:

RANDOMFACT: The flea can jump 350 times its body length, that is like a human jumping the length of a football field
((I wish I could jump like that....))

m(_ _)m <(zzzzZZZZZ)

Anyways, even though I didn't get a ton of sleep last night, I am DETERMINED to stay awake during Persist today! Yesterday I was so tired, I couldn't pay attention very well and I fell asleep during silent prayer!! Ah well, this time I planned ahead. :3 I asked God last night before to get more energy for the next day, and so far He has! I woke up at 5:30 and now it's 7:17 and I feel great! No caffiene whatsoever! Mebbe it's the music.... Who knows? ;) *wink, wink*

Monday, June 28, 2010

...And we're back!

Hey yo whazzup, homehz?

Day 6 of Persist, here I come! Last Thursday was Treasure Hunting day. For those of you who don't know what that is, Treasure Hunting is when you pray and ask God for "clues" to help you find a person to pray for. Then you go out somewhere and try to find those people! So anyways the Persist group went to Highland Mall to do our Hunt and so many incredible things have happened! Also the mall was incredibly not crowded, so people were pretty easy to find. Well, I like malls better when they're not crowded anyway. So one of the people in our groups got Earth Bound Trading Co. as their clues, and the first store we saw when we walked in was (guess what???) Earth Bound Trading Co! We were laughing so hard, ah, good times! We found people that were on our lists and some of them took prayer, but some others didn't want to be caught dead with us praying for them... That's the thing though, whenever you go out to do something like this you cannot expect everyone to accept it, I mean, Treasure Hunting requires stepping out of the comfort zone, faith, and guts! They're sooooo much to tell you guys about my trip that I don't have enough room to put it on a post! But, hey, I can always tell you guys about it in person. Feel free to ask about it, iI would love to tell you about it even if you're a complete stranger.

RANDOM fact: "Rhythm" is the longest English word without a vowel.

Oo! Oo!!!I believe that today is Callie's birthday!!! Woo-hoo, she'll be 15! For those of you who don't know, Callie is a friend and fellow intern here at Persist. She has amazing stories to tell and her blog is more well-written than mine... So here's a link,

Random fact #2 (DOUBLE FEATURE!): Vegetarian..... an Indian word for he who cannot hunt.

er well, I got this from Micah... He says it is not infact an Indian word, fyi.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4... Prayer request

Hey guys! Just arrived at AHOP in style---my dad's 3-seater truck with 4 people in it; me, my dad, and two of my brothers. These 4 people just so happen to have really wide shoulders, aaaand long legs, so all around we were really squished. Ah well. We tell weird jokes about being so close, listen to some cool music, and have elbow-jabbing contests and then the ride to Austin is kinda worth it. (Don't tell the boys I enjoy them)


Anyways, yesterday I was thinking about Lady GaGa... haha yeah I know that's kinda weird, I am no fan of hers, but she seems to be in a lot of people's heads lately. She's got fame and fortune wrapped around her finger and she really stands out in her shows cuz well, her fashion sense is, wacky.... and incomprehensible. Her music is super catchy, ya know it's easy to sing along to and the beat gets stuck in your head, and she's one of the few pop stars who can actually sing. But that all seems to be a problem.

Now calm down, don't start getting all up in my face cuz I'm going against ya'lls "gaga for GaGa" ways, it's alright. I am not about to paint her as an enemy, whether she is one or not, but guys, she really needs prayer. A lot of Christians are embarrassed to bring up celebs in prayer sessions, heck, I know I would be... But right now she's got lots of control. TONS of people everywhere enjoy her music, and she feels she has to reach out to teens who "never could fit in" and "being a freak" that others can "hang out with and not be afraid to be free". I respect where she's going at, but what she's doing is making her own brand of narcissism and self-destruction. She believes strongly in fame, and is a constant slave to it. She said herself, "I believe in fame, and I swore to myself that I will stay on it and give my whole life to until the day I die."

It's depressing to see her gifts wasted on such a search for significance in all things empty. She is worshipped and loved only by what she does, not who she is. That's what's so great about God. He's good in EVRYTHING he does, AND who He is. God loves Lady GaGa, and we need to keep her in mind when praying. I think she is just searching for answers. She's found "freedom" in the wrong places, but maybe one day she will grow weary for all the wearing-and-tearing at her life, and God will she her a much better path to peace.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aaaand the next day...

Hey guys!!!!

Got through day three of Persist! Man, so much is happening to me spiritually after just three days!
One question though, anyone have any suggestions on ways to stay focused during silence time with God? The quiet can make my mind wander and then I'm distracted.... Sooo, got any ideas???
Tomorrow is TREASURE HUNTING DAY!!! The group is going to go out someplace in Austin and pray for people who we feel need prayer. (Don't we all?) Well, they're usually for specific stuff, but anyways, gotta go to band practice at the church. Yes, I'm in the church band!!! I play bass guitar!
Random fact: Coca-Cola is actually green before the coloring is added to it

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DAY TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's early.

Too early.

Ah well. I'm not too tired this morning... I actually went to bed not too late last night, and I'm also excited for another great day at PERSIST! (See previous posts) I know Persist starts at 9, but I have to come to AHOP early every morning cuz my dad comes here for his job and etc. etc.

So I've decided that I'm going to give a random fact after every blogger post that I make!! So that'd be like, the random fact of the day, erm, random fact of the post, onnnn Bethany's...... blog..... (shutting up now)

RANDOM FACT: One of the ingredients in dynamite is peanuts.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Well, ok, the introduction has been made.... moving on.......

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!

Today was awesome-possum. I am currently attending a pretty sweet prayer internship for teens called, PERSIST at the Austin House Of Prayer (or AHOP for short), led by the two greatest youth leaders EVAR... MATT AND MORIAH!!!!! I mean, if I'm bragging about it and it's only been the first day, then it's gotta be good.

It's quite a lot of money to attend, but.........
Thank you everyone who's offered me support through this finacially and prayerfully.... This summer is gonna RAWK cuz of you guys!

Wanna learn more?

OH OH OH! The girl in the picture on the top of the page (ya know, the one with the ponytail) is ME!!!! wa-hoo!
Hey everyone! I haven't been on Blogger in a looooong time.... well all I ever really used it for was to post stupid AMVs (anime music videos) cuz I didn't have a YouTube. They're still up, if you have ANY interest in watching them....

So anyways, I'm gonna start using a blog for what it's really meant for... BLOGGING!!! :)
Yup, so now you're gonna start getting updates about my life, stuff I'm doing, random junk, and other cool thingies....

Peace out!!! :)

Teal Moustache