Monday, July 12, 2010

Short discription of Kansas City Trip

Kawichiwa to you all!!!!!!!!!!!

(I highly doubt that was spelled correctly)

Quick note to you grammar freaks, this keyboard that Im typing on realy stinks, so there may be a lot of misspelllings on this post!

Anyways I havenbt updated my blog in a while! Lemme give you guys a quick heads-up about what I've been doing:

Just last Wednesday the Persist group and I have taken a trip up toi KJansas City, Misouri to visit the IHOP communtiy! We got to see how all their pancakes and sausage links were made and we got to see all the machinery to that plops the batter and grease on the... No, wait, I lied. We did NOT visit the International House of Pancakes HQ or anything of that sort. The IHOP we went to stands for, International House Of Prayer!

It tok 13 hours to get from Austin to Kansas City, and we left from here at 7:15 in the morning. THe trip didnt seem that long, but I'll tell ya, my rump and back wil never be the same everf again... We had fun though singing songs, listening to music, playing games, and a whole lot of sleeping, and just being together as friends.

So anyways when we arrive at our final destination in our rented house (finally) we chill and sleep until the next day when the actual fun began! PRAYER MEETING!!! The building was so cool, there were tons of different kinds of people there just taking some time to honor God. But the even cooler thing about was that there are always different bands and worship teams leading worship there 24/7..... The songs never stop! :)

In the evenings? It gets even better.

We went to this thing called Awakening services that took place in a separate IHOP building. It was a HUGE service of singing, dancing, aand gettting crazy with the holy spirit. I mean, the holy spirit was really moving in that place, people were collapsing down to the ground, screaming out loud, shaking themselves like crazy, even dancing like they were really drunk. There was a strong sense of freedom there and you could just whatever you wanted to have fun with God.

So we did the same things the bnext day and then the day after we went back home. (This time it was a 12 hour drive instead of 14!!! YAY!)

Bye bye! Iu need to grt back to my Persist group now!!!
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