Thursday, September 16, 2010

No way, Blogger on my iPod touch??

Wow!!! I get to blog off my iPod touch!!!! That is awesomesauce news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, here's the latest scoop from me, I started my homeschooler co-op school Tuesday and it's already going so well! My old friends from last year are still here and this semester there are a lot more high school girls!!!!!! WOOHOO! I am taking three classes there, Algebra, Chemistry, and Speech. I am especially excited about how my Speech class is going to help me be a better speaker, it's even cooler cuz it's more like a Toast Masters Club than a Speech class. :D

So I was going nuts with voice acting videos yesterday. On my iPod I was able to make a playlist full of random videos with cartoons clips of characters I am trying to imitate, actual voice actors in the studio, radio show hosts, and spoken tips and tricks. Currently I am focusing on accomplishing the voice of Bubbles from PowerPuff Girls! XD

Alright for you "OTAKU" people out there reading my blog, coulja please suggest a good anime to me? I HAVE RUN OUT OF IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace out!

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