Monday, January 21, 2013

Within Chaos - Chapter 2

After what felt like hours, the ongoing shouts finally seemed to fade away. Janet stood up, brushed herself off, and figured, there was nothing else to do around here.

"May as well sleep," she said as she headed for the bedroom. "I could just sleep away my problems. I can ignore them... They'll just drift away... "

She saw her nightstand clock. It was 10 PM.

"Perfect timing," she said. As she plopped down on the bed, the picture of her and her boyfriend fell off the nightstand and crashed onto the floor.

"No!" she cried, picking up the pieces. Explosive feelings flowed through a short rage as the glass cut her hands. She went over to the trash can and dropped the tear and blood covered shards into it.

"How could he...? I mean, he used me.... Why.... how...." She then gathered the remaining parts of the broken frame, tossed it, and then took the crumpled up photograph. It had already been torn up multiple times before, with only a few small pieces of tape holding it together.

"What a jerk," Janet said, wiping her eyes. "Why do I even miss him?" She sighed, tore up the photo for the final time and let the pieces flip and float down into the trash can. Relief showered her like gust of wind. Janet was done crying over him. After covering her hands with a few Band-Aids, it was finally time for a snooze. Janet lay down and immediately fell into a deep sleep.


Janet rolled over and glanced at the clock. 11 PM.

"Hmm," she thought, "I've only been asleep for an hour." She felt refreshed but gross, and wondered why her head hurt. She picked up her phone and checked the calendar. Two days had passed.

"I've overslept!" she yelled, slapping her forehead. She leaped out of bed and hurried into the shower. Violently, she scrubbed herself so hard that her pouf left scratches all over her body. She dumped more soap on, scrubbing, scrubbing, scratching... For some reason, her efforts to become clean did not make her feel clean. Angry, she reached for the soap and shook the bottle hard, only to find that all of the soap was gone.

"All gone?" Janet said. "This bottle is brand new..."

The water was off and she was drying herself. She wrapped the towel around her body and walked into her room to get clothes on, but she had no clean clothes in her dresser.

Janet fell to the floor. "I am thirsty... I am hungry... My life is out of control... Who am I??" A pool of teardrops collected on the floor.

Eeeeeeeee buzz buzz buzz eeeeeeeeeeee......

A subtle whine of a fly began to be noticeable to Janet. She glanced up, but she couldn't see the fly, perhaps because her vision was cloudy. She let her head back down. The fly began to circle her head, and the volume of the whine increased.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... Buzzzzzzzz...... became louder....


...and louder...


...AND LOUDER.... The squeal was piercing her eardrums...

"SHUT UP!!!!!" Janet screamed.

She panted. The whine had stopped, but the fly was still there. This time, Janet could see it, just sitting there on the floor, facing her. It was an unusually large fly, and Janet said to it, "I have never seen a fly quite like you before!"

The fly nodded, and in a smooth voice it said, "I know."

Janet gasped. Did the fly just... speak? 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Within Chaos - Chapter 1

Janet made a cup of decaf and carefully balanced it atop of a stack of books that was lying on her coffee table. She stepped over a pile of dirty laundry that was sitting between the coffee table and her couch, shoved stacks of papers over to other side of the couch, and sat down. She then tilted her head back and tried to relax. It was hard to do that with all her things just laying around.

"I should clean up one of these days," Janet said. She had been telling herself that ever since she moved out of her parents' household seven years ago. This messy apartment has been her home ever since, and lately she's been quite lonely. Oh, Janet had friends, and she certainly had the magnetic personality that drew all kinds of people to her. To everyone who had the pleasure of making her acquaintance, she appeared to be bold and fiery, with her intense red hair and bright smile. Her clothes were unusual but suited her well, and many men found her sweetness and unique characteristics refreshing.  She was truly a genuine young woman; literally unlike any other.

But her apartment... that dreaded, dusty old apartment...

Janet sipped her coffee and grimaced. That Half and Half was older than she thought. She arose and sighed, and hobbled over to the kitchen where she dumped the liquid into the overflowing sink. She opened her cupboard and saw that there were no clean glasses left, so she drank water straight from the faucet, holding her long hair up so that it wouldn't touch the grey dishwater below. 

Janet sat back down on the couch, this time with a magazine that was three years old. She didn't read the articles, didn't pay attention to what the words meant, didn't look at the pictures, she just stared blankly at it. After a while, she shut the magazine and tried to lie down. Those papers on the other side of the couch were in the way. Frustrated, she kicked the pile hard and the papers scattered all over the place. Suddenly, a loud series of knocks sounded from the door: 


Startled, Janet fell off the couch and hit the floor. The tall mound of laundry laying there made her back hurt from the impact. She whined in pain.


"Janet! Janet! Are you in there? Janet?"

Janet continued to lay there, motionless. This peculiar noise frightened her greatly, and she never answered the door when this particular stranger came by. To Janet the voice was threatening and dark, and she couldn't bear it.

"Janet! Let me in! JANET!"


Janet hid under the heap of dirty clothes and buried her head into a torn up hoodie. 

"LET ME IN!!!"

"Never," she whispered. 


Tuesday, January 8, 2013



I haven't made a blog post in like, three years.

I am also in an exaggerated mood right now.

So hey guys. I has a job, that keeps me pretty dang busy, and soon school is also going to start, AND I am going to move in a couple of months. Day-yang. Transcending into being all-grown-up is kind of tricky! But hey.....

I am a grown-up now!!!

Actually no I'm not.

I'm still a kid.

Especially compared to older wiser people like my awesome parents and grandparents. They've lived life longer and have experienced and grown far more than I have. Sometimes (like all we kiddos tend to do) we just don't wanna listen to our day-yang elders. My piece of advice? Listen to them, or you'll die. OK, maybe not, but most likely they've got the power of guidance in your life, if you'd let them.

Anyway, a lot of things that I am going to need to start taking way more seriously is budgeting and managing money. This is the sort of thing every teen (well, me at least) would roll eyes over and kinda ignore. Now that money is starting to actually matter to me (like getting a car, gas, rent, utilities, insurance, groceries, tithing, tuition, textbooks, setting a good foundation for the future, etc etc etc), I've been learning to buy only what I need at the store and then splurge....... very, very, VERY sparingly.

I'm trying to store up a whole buncha money over a long period of time. This is a slow but surefire way of building wealth. My ultimate goal is not to be wealthy, but to have a solid financial foundation for the future, that being the possibility of marriage, kids, and (what's guaranteed) emergencies. Yup, I've become quite the goal-setter and dreamer lately.

Besides that, I've also been learning to be more under control, positive, and determined as life rapidly progresses. All of this hasn't been possible without the help and guidance of my Father, God. So thanks to Him for EVERYTHING! :)

That's basically it.

Yeah, it's good news for ME at least.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Teal Moustache