Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quitting? ME??? Nevah!

I highly doubt that anyone is going to reply to my WordPress post. I mean, why should they?

Don't worry, I'm not going to get all depresso on ya with why that is.

So uh, heh, *blushes* guys? About that last post.... NO NO no, not the WordPress one, the OTHER one! I was eh, just kidding! Eh heh heh... ahem....

I just wanted to point out something: My posts have been too serious lately. I've been flippin' through all my older posts from last year, since I was a pretty active blogger throughout 2012, and something occurred to me: Those posts stay more true to my characteristics than my current ones do.

I am a joyful human being. I am optimistic. Outgoing. Sometimes goofy. A sanguine. That's just me.

I kinda want those old posts back, now. I mean, quitting?? What was I even thinking?

To sympathize with myself, I did have someone die, I did move out on my own for the first time, and I did forgo some intense realizations, life lessons, and inner changes over a very short period of time. Yes, that was very rough, but I'm still alive!

I can now still be who I was born to be, but something is different from me now than before: maturity. I also have a much stronger passion to defend what I believe in and stand for. If someone, anyone, offends that, I can get pretty defensive. I am loyal, persistent, and I don't like to quit. That's why I was surprised at myself to even read that post I had written about quitting. Poo.

I can take my suffering and learn from it. I can grow with it. I have changed. A lot. But I am still the same ol' cheery Bethany somehow. I turned 19 yesterday. My 18th year is officially over. The end of that chapter was hard, again, I can sympathize, but that's all over and done with. Now it's ADVENTURE TIME! *Raises Crystal Sword* Thanks, God. You da bestest!

So even though I have fallen, I am back up now, and not giving up.

Yeah dats cliche. But many never even learn that. 

Peace out, Honey Babes!!!

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  1. I was SO active on blogger in 2012. I made so many pointless, rambly posts... but oh well. I actually still like a lot of them. c:

    It's good to have you back!!


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